Cheese ‘À la Chimay Bleue’

Backed up by its long cheese-making and brewing traditions, Chimay is launching a new product that combines character and smoothness: a cheese ‘À la Chimay Bleue’. Savour the way the nectar of Trappist beers lends the full force of its personality to a cheese offering a perfect balance of strength and delicacy.

Combining beer and cheese

Chimay Blue Cap, the jewel of the brewery, is a dark beer with a powerful aroma, the complex flavour of which improves across the years. It is extremely popular both in Belgium and abroad, with its smell of fresh yeast combined with a light rosaceous flowery touch.

During the maturing process, the cheese is washed in Chimay Blue Cap, lending it a strong taste that perfectly offsets the slight bitterness due to the hops. Once the process is complete, the taste of the cheese ‘À la Chimay Bleue’ replicates the beer’s pronounced aromas of malt and yeast to achieve a perfect balance.

From our meadows to your plates

Raw milk delivered and stored.

Pasteurisation, fat content standardisation and bringing the milk up to temperature.

Production in vats, with incorporation of additives, maturation, pressing, decurdling, lactose removal and washing of the curdled milk.

Passage through drainage tank, prepressing and placing in moulds (the 275-g cheeses do not pass through the draining tank).

Moulding, pressing, removal from the moulds and placing on racks.


Maturing with washing treatments and turning:
- First treatment with maturing ferments and Blue Cap beer
- Three treatments with Chimay Blue Cap (one treatment with Chimay Blue Cap for the 275-g cheeses)

So the 2-kg cheeses are matured for three and a half weeks and the 275-g cheeses for two and a half weeks.

Packaging and wrapping.

Storage and dispatch


In 1862, the monks of Chimay began to brew their first beer according to the monastic traditions of natural brewing and top fermentation followed by refermentation in the bottle. Later on, having acquired 50 purebred Friesian cows, the monks began making butter. In 1876, Brother Benedict went to France to learn how to make a semi-soft cheese: the Chimay “Trappist” cheese was born!

Finding the cheese ‘À la Chimay Bleue’

The cheese ‘À la Chimay Bleue’ is available in two sizes: 275 g and 2 kg.

Discover here the list of establishments where you can buy it.